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The Magic Of The Violet Flame Meditation

What is a Violet Flame Meditation good for?  As a human being we are exposed to various types of abstract feelings, and destructing experiences that manifest in their own way in every aspect of our life. The Violet Flame meditation is one of the unique ways of understanding the secrets of our life as God wants us to see and enjoy and even more important to clear our path back to the source….Violet Flame Meditation

The Importance of the Violet Flame Meditation

Meditation is a way of penetrating the deepest layers of our soul and mind to receive and understand the meaning of life God has bestowed each of us. God has his own way of manifesting the spiritual and cultural factors that are unique to each of us in different ways and the practice of the violet flame meditation is one of the ways of finding and deciphering this unique message to understand our life on this earth in the way the God wants us to learn and follow.

God is our Supreme Power and it shows in our lives in different ways as energy, consciousness and light. Due to this it is not possible for many of us to realize the presence of God amongst us. But when you elevate your spiritual self to a level that you are able to  see above the ordinary human beings, you will be able to find the real meaning of life in such a way that it becomes easy to understand  and realize the presence of  God everywhere one looks at. To reach this unique position during your life time you can use the violet flame meditation as a way of reaching the higher level of existence and clearing out unwanted distorted energy.

Divine energy is the object most of the Sages and Hermits were seeking for centuries to realize God within themselves.  Now, in the New Age Movement, with so much knowledge and teachings on these matters one can easily find the ways of reaching the state of mind through ways like the violet flame meditation to get a steady flow of this divine energy within themselves. Yogic and meditational benefits to those who are practicing these wonderful ways of exploring one’s mind  is to  get the constructive force of seven light rays that occupies an important place in  the meditational field.

Peace of mind and enlightenment are the real ways of enriching one’s life and getting nearer to our Creator. You can use some of the best methods of elevating and clearing your soul from negativity by connecting to the energies of the Master Saint Germain, who brought us back the power of the violet flame from Atlantean times. The violet flame meditation, as a result, is a tool to achieve more clearness and wisdom in your life. White light is considered to be one of the purest forms of energy and this is comprised of seven light rays. Among the seven colors that form the white light the violet color has the rarest quality of breaking down the blanket of human imperfections and is found to be capable of restoring the divine perfection of the soul and integrity.

Relax & Enjoy this great Violet Flame Meditation

By using the concept of violet flame meditation you can use the benefits of violet flame to get the feeling of freedom, the human qualities of love, grace, forgiveness and compassion.  When the energy of the Holy Spirit is combined with the power of the holy flame you can easily prevent all the ill effects of various disrupting energies and can easily cure many of the psychological problems, suppressed energies and unfavorable life experiences. So, do not hesitate to use the power of the violet flame meditation to get ready for many of the life’s pleasant and unique experiences.

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