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The Incredible Power Of IMARA Reiki

Imara Reiki is a way of healing using the past experiences in your life to find solutions for your present day problems to have a good future life.Imara Reiki

Where Does Imara Reiki Come From?

This way of healing was developed by Barton and Geoffrey Wendell popularly called as the Wendell Brothers. Imara Reiki simply means more Reiki and this uses the unlimited energy flow that is available in the Reiki system to bring about a complete change in your life. This type of Reiki is very intensive in its actions and makes use of higher level of vibrations to heal you. 

The Reiki system of healing recognizes the division of our Body and the whole Universe into 5 levels of Energy based on the energy vibrations and frequency bands. The Imara Reiki differs from other forms of Reiki as it represents the most intense forms of energy vibrations touching the top most band 5 of energy flow in our Body. This is above Usui Reiki that covers the bands 1 to 3 and Karuna Reiki the level 4 of Energy frequency. Thus by learning and practicing the Imara Reiki you are elevating yourself from many of those who are struggling to find their way into the tremendous World of Reiki Energy  flow to enhance your healing power.

How Imara Reiki differs from others

As Imara Reiki is placed at level 5 of Reiki, the attunements and effects of this form of Reiki are entirely different from other Reiki forms that are very simple when compared to this form. No symbols are used in Imara Reiki as we normally do in other forms of Reiki. By using this form of Reiki it is possible now for the Imara Reiki practitioners to bring about a very strong spiritual connection with your past and connect with higher beings. The best advantage of this form of Reiki is that it is able to eliminate the psychological effects of any of the bad past experience in your life and get rid of their bad effects affecting your present and future life.

By using the principles of Imara Reiki and combining them with deep meditation and intense energy it is possible to completely heal and get relieved from the effects of deep psychological problems buried deep inside your psyche. Thus, this form of Reiki is best suited for those who are suffering physical, emotional or spiritual traumas caused by repressed feelings. The Imara Reiki treatment has given a new way of life to many of those who underwent this type of Reiki healing and they were able to find themselves in a better psychological condition.

See how the Imara Reiki Power Works:

Though Imara Reiki is placed at level 5 the highest level of all the Reiki Systems it is very easy to use and implement in your life. If you want to learn Imara Reiki you must be over 18 years of age and already working as a Reiki Master. As this involves high energy frequencies you must be well trained in handling lower levels of Reiki before attempting to perform Imara Reiki.

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