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Practice Merkaba Meditation For Enhanced Energy Levels

Merkaba Meditation is one of the most powerful mind conditioning systems available to the present generation. This enhances our healing powers in many ways and gives a great feeling of wellness from within our minds.Merkaba Meditation

What is Merkaba Meditation?

This unique form of meditation concentrates our attention and focuses our awareness to the invisible geometric energy fields that exist around our bodies. Over a period of time these energies which have been working with full force have slowed down due to a variety of reasons including the pollution of the body, spirit and the mind. Due to this we are put to suffer many types of ailments both physical and mental.

By following the principles of Merkaba Meditation we can easily regain our lost health as well as enhance our well being to greater levels. The techniques used in this form of meditation are known to have great effects on our mind and bodies alike and make us feel alive again. These techniques are well tuned to elevate our mind to greater heights to tap the universal energy to flow through our body and by using these you can easily understand the wonders of the universe. When you practice this type of meditation in the right way it will be possible to understand and re-establish the movement of the geometrical forces around you and this will enhance both your physical and mental energies many times.

The Merkaba Meditation is practiced through learning new methods of breathing. The deep long breaths you take in while doing this type of meditation helps you in focusing your entire mental energies on the energy’s new shapes and the spaces it has to fill around your bodies. Merkaba is said to take place when the energy fields around our body begin revolving at very high speeds and extend up to a distance of about 55 feet. By reactivating this type of energy flow around our bodies you will be able to realize and see the world around you in a new way hitherto impossible for you. As you progress in the meditation you understand the formation of the Merkaba shapes as they become clearer and the energy level also goes up. Due to this the healing power that is available to your body, mind and the spirit multiply many times filling your entire body and mind with positive live energy.

When you choose to do Merkaba Meditation you must realize its lifelong benefits and this is so simple to do that you will be addicted to it easily. In the beginning the meditation helps in realizing the strong feelings of love, and energy till other forms of energy fill your mind and body as you progress through various techniques prescribed under the meditation system. Most of those who do the meditation stop their practice when they begin realizing these new forms of energy and this is not good as this will make them lose the power they gained through the Merkaba meditation.

Watch this great video and practice the Merkaba Meditation Now:

Those who want to reap the benefits of the Merkaba meditation (<<click left to get more detailed Merkaba Meditation Instructions) must be much disciplined in their approach and the dedication they show while doing this type of meditation will add more benefits to them in many ways. Though the day to day tensions and daily responsibilities may distract you from the Merkaba techniques it is always better to stick on to a particular schedule and the best time to do it is in the morning time when your mind and body are fresh and relaxed. The unique feature of the Merkaba meditation is that you can meditate for your family, friends and others even to animals and see them get the new energy levels and energies through this wonderful medium of Merkaba Meditation.

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