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Learn Reiki – How To Learn Reiki Quick And Easy?

To learn Reiki wasn’t always easy. It was a discipline not as available as it is nowadays. Reiki courses were available only to chosen few who had to deal with sky-high charges. Things are somewhat different today. However, there are still a few of Reiki practitioners charging exceptionally high fees in exchange for a master training to learn Reiki.

Learn ReikiLearn Reiki in the history of Usui?

The history of Reiki isn’t clearly documented. There are different points of view regarding the establishment of this discipline as well as the way one should practice the Reiki. The Western and the Eastern versions of the Reiki history are different. Majority of Reiki practicing population consider the Western version an embellished one, while there are no enough strong facts and clear evidences supporting neither Western nor Eastern version.

The cost of the Reiki course to learn Reiki greatly varies from one Reiki master to another. The Reiki tradition implies the charge of a fee after the knowledge has been carried over from a teacher to apprentice. Hawayo Takata, who had brought the Reiki discipline from Japan to Hawaii, back in the 1930s, has been charging up to $10,000 for a master Reiki course. From the other side, Iris Ishikuro, a student of previously mentioned Reiki master, considered to learn Reiki as a discipline that more people should get use of, thus Iris had her prices to learn Reiki significantly lowered.

Reiki population soon became divided with different factions. Each faction has disagreed with another one at some point but one thing remaines in common for all the Reiki practitioners – Usui Mikao was the very first person to offer the Reiki courses. His students referred to Mikao with Usui-sensei – “sensei” being a Japanese title to address with respect all the teachers, doctors, lawyers, martial arts masters, etc. Western population refers to him as a Dr. Usui. Despite the fact there is no evidence that Mikao Usui held any medical degree, he did make a practice of a particular medicine form.

How did Usui himself learn Reiki?

Soon enough, the question has risen – “How did Mikao Usui learn the secrets of Reiki?” Many stories, myths and legends have made a touch to the stories we are to hear nowadays. However, the most popular one, with the largest number of supporters is the one that says how Mikao Usui had been meditating and fasting retreat at the Mount Kurama. At the 21st day of meditation he understood the Reiki energy. Some factions claim that he was searching for the answers about the ability of Jesus to heal with his hands and he was given the answers at the mountain. The other ones claim that he was exploring the meaning of life, moment of enlightenment – a satori. Some of the factions claim he was a Buddhist, other ones he was a Christian theology professor.

Start to Learn Reiki by understanding the Reiki Principles first. Watch it below:

But one thing is certain – Reiki is not a religion. Individual who is eager to learn Reiki and get use of its benefits should simply acknowledge the existence of Reiki energy and its ability to heal.

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