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Heart Chakra Meditation For Feeling The Divine Love

What is a Heart Chakra Meditation good for? As all holistic followers know all chakras should be balanced in order for us to live in balance. And balance is our highest goal on our evolutionary path.  The balance between Yin and Yang – the TAO.heart chakra meditationHeart Chakra Meditation – The reason to expand the heart chakra:

The heart chakra is the midpoint of our physical bodies.  It lies halfway between the three lower chakras, which keep us moving in the physical realm, and the three upper chakras, which keep us growing in the spiritual realm.

The heart chakra is also the midpoint in our spiritual bodies.  It lies halfway between Mother Earth, who is our connection to the physical plane, and Father Sky, who is our connection to the spiritual plane.

I suggest that in order to be truly balanced, our heart chakra must be expanded to include not only each of the six other major chakras in our physical bodies, but also the entirety of our spiritual bodies.  Balance lies in the recognition and acceptance that Love is All There Is.  This recognition and acceptance resides in the heart chakra.

An expansion of the heart chakra to encompass all there is means that every thought, word, and deed will be undertaken in Love–that Love will be the constant guiding force on both the physical and the spiritual planes–that nothing we think or do can ever be totally self-centered.

We generally accept that “we” end at our skin–that what is inside the skin is “me” and that what is outside the skin is everything else, “not-me,” or “them.”  I am suggesting that Love–the expanded heart chakra–does not recognize this distinction–that, to a properly expanded heart chakra, all of creation is “us.”  I am suggesting that the holder of a properly balanced heart chakra has moved beyond the apparent limitations and boundaries of the physical realm and has regained awareness of being a part of the All….

Watch this great Heart Chakra Meditation And Feel the Divine

You can practice Heart Chakra meditation in several modes. One is what you just watched above as the music will tune you into a heart expansion field, or you can do a guided heart chakra meditation. The most effective way is an energy healing session to open you heart.

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